My name is Wakahisa Tsubasa.

Do whatever you're going to and kindly leave.

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And what do you want?


boop look at this kiddo



"Hey, hey, so I need to ask for a biiiig, big big favor, but first, let me irntoduce myself! My name is Ikehara Shichiro! Call me Shi for short, if you want! I’m SHSL Pryotechnician! Okay, onto the thing I was going to ask…."


"Could you please reblog/like this if you’re any kind of dangan ronpa roleplay blog? I’d really, really appreciate it if you did! I really wanna meet some new people!”

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Tsubasa isnt actually shsl chef, they’re shsl AAA

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odxttemita replied to your post: anonymous said:Wow. A character w…

it seems like sarcasm to me but in that case like?? who says an aromantic, asexual, albinistic character /cant/ be a cannibal?? its not like those are used as major factors in their life so;;

unless theyre a cannibal and theyre offended by cannibalism being used as qualities in characters

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I think it might be a pun? see like Aromantic, Asexual, Albinism, A cannibal, A+? Wake up america

quadrupedal A

Wow. A character who is aromantic, asexual and has albinism has to be a cannibal, of course! A+ character creation.


i cant actually tell if thats sarcasm or not




My sisters still here she said she’s staying over night so…
I’ll join in on this craziness
Reblog with your ocs sprite,talent,Name and gender!!


shsl odottemita { dancer }, yuzuki tsukuda, male.


shsl edm producer/dj , rain, male

shsl chef, tsubasa wakahisa, male

this week on muns who need to cut their fucking hair

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